Mouser orders

Look at lot more intimidating than a nicely packaged shruthi kit from Olivier :confused:

And takes a lot of time

there are mouser boms in the wiki. All you have to do is import into mouser then go through each part to make sure it’s right and nothing is back ordered. Not too time consuming.

I’m taking about the box of components when the FedEx guy delivers it…

Haha, oh right. Bigboxofparts.

Yeah, a little daunting…

Just do it the way i do it: order weekly so the boxes don’t get this big :wink:

Big pile of stuff. Enough for 2 digital boards, a 4 pole filter and a polivoks filter. Anyone got any organisational tips?

stick to fcd72’s advice…and use the same sorting boxes as he does :wink:

Until you really need those storage boxes, just leave everything in the bags it comes in. They’re nicely labeled with the component description including all values, so that actually makes things easier. You may want to check the values before soldering the parts though - mistakes are very rare but they can and do happen occasionally. What I used to do (before I got such a load of parts that I switched to using storage boxes) was sort the bags containing resistors, capacitors, diodes, leds and transistors, IC’s and sockets and all others. I put the bags from each group in a cheap fridge storage box sorted by values. Then when you actually start building it’s just like painting by numbers.

After being surprised what i already had ordered more than once i got some Assortment Boxes:

Now its real easy to keep track of what i have on stock, no more tedious “i knew these 39,2Ks must be somewhere” chasings over 12 cardboard boxes…


I usually try to take care when ordering from both Mouser and DigiKey so that each line item gets marked with the project those components in the little bag are intended for. Works somewhat. That means I only have to rummage through my assortment of common things like TL072, IC sockets, common resistors and capacitors.

I guess I really should take a rough inventory and put all my components in some kind of database. Anything that lets me avoid using Google Docs or Excel-something as a database substitute. Too much manual work. Still, it should import BoM in spreadsheet format and all that jazz. And no, for the love of all that is holy, I don’t mean StupidityAnxietyParanoia R/3, there has to be something lightweight out there.

You can use the Assortment boxes as analog database: i turn the drawer upside down if the stock is 0 - works perfect and needs no electricity :wink:

Haha, true :slight_smile:

Going to take a look at ecDB and PartKeeper Maybe one of those will do the trick? Both should be free to use I think.

What a slow process. In hindsight, I would have given the different projects better associated reference numbers.

Stock should never reach 0 and turning the drawer upside down when there are still two or three left also has its drawbacks… I’ve noticed that you can put the drawers in backwards, that should also work. I still have to label the front of the drawers, right now the original packing labels are stuck to the inside bottom of the drawers (waiting for the correct size labels). Since the parts are sorted as described above I still find my way around quite well. Drawback is that that when you order new parts values for the first time, you have to shift a lot of drawers. Especially since I’m about 15 drawers short of being able to store all components that I have now. I’ve also made some sort of MotherOfAll BOMs in Excel that contains all components for all Shruthi and Ambika versions. I’ve added a last column with the total ordered quantity and when I see that a part is running low I color the corresponding cell red.

And then one day you find out that you spend more time organizing your stuff than building. After finding out that you spend more time building than making music, that is.

So the end of the story is we all are occupied by keeping track of our inventory… welcome to SDIY modular land where no music is hardly ever made…

personally i admire the zen like state after sorting a while…

Err. Maybe a stupid question, but pF = p, correct?

And I love Zen… That comes after the build though…