Mouser Order

Anyone in the UK or Europe about to make a Mouser order? I’m after two of these
but I don’t need enough other stuff to qualify for free shipping, so wondered if I could tack my order onto someone else’s. I’d pay for the item, postage from you to me, and a bit extra to cover the hassle.



I also could join. I use a handful of capacitors. Not much.
Located in Germany.


Hi Karg,

We could split shipping. It’s £12 to the UK. Postage UK to DE shouldn’t be much. If you only want some caps, they could be posted as a letter, probably.


Hi! If I find the time to find out what I need I might also join your order. Germany here also.

@loopino. Cool, let me know. I don’t want to deal with a big group order, but if we can split US shipping three ways, neither of you are in a massive hurry, and UK to Germany postage makes it worthwhile, then let’s do it!

loopino, will you know by the end of the week what you need, do you think?


I was planning on making a Mouser order later this week. It is already pricewise in the region where shipping becomes free, so perhaps we could put all of our stuff together, if you think it is worth it? I’m located in Sweden.

@thhmas I think it’s only going to be worth it if one person is prepared to distribute items to everyone else, and those other people are only ordering a few small items.

I don’t know how much stuff loopino wants.

Karg and myself only want a few small, easily posted-on bits, but since you’re making a largish order, my the looks of it, it would make most sense for you to make the order, and send our items on.

I realise it’s a big ask, though, so if you don’t want the hassle, I’d completely understand.


@toneburst: Ah, yeah, that was what I was thinking, forgot to say so explicitly. I’m cool with distributing the stuff, as long as loopino does not want to order stuff which creates a lot of work for me. And 3 persons should be the maximal limit, since I do not really have the time for more. As long as you pay for the items and postage, I’m fine.

I could use some 4 of these guys: 652-PEC16-4220FS0024 encoders. I’m in Sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

Parts available at Reichelt are often way cheaper than parts from Mouser. But there are some parts that you only get at Mousers and that everybody needs to order overseas. E. g. TL-1100 switches, the Shruthi Encoder, Bi-polar capacitors…

I need parts for several PCBs (Shruthi, Shruthi XT, Sidekick, MidiBUD, MidiREX) But I don´t know if I have enough spare time to check exactly what I need till the end of this week.

@loopino I also need several parts from Mouser next days , maybe we can work this out together. I am in Switzerland.

Great guys, then I also compose my list and then we see how to best coordinate…

The parts I want are:

(Alpha 20mm slide potentiometers with LEDs)


Ok, I have no issues with handling toneburst’s and Jojjelito’s(*) orders; probably not Karg’s either, if it is only a matter of a few capacitors. It seems loopino’s order is somewhat more complex and in that case it is better for all parties if I do not handle that - I do not have the time. Could you perhaps arrange something with cereyanlimusiki? My plan is to submit the order on Sunday, so if you realize it is only a few components which are needed before then, I should be able to add them.

Is this cool? I do not want to come in here and “hijack” any previous arrangements.

(*) I guess I have to let him tag along, since he is a fellow Swede.

@thhmas don’t worry about hijacking, it’s very generous of you to take it on, thank you!


@thhmas Very nice of you! Tackar ödmjukast! The thing is, that’s about all I need for now, then it’s time to build a few projects, then back to the drawing board.


No, my order won´t be very complex. I guess 4 or 5 different parts. But don´t worry about me. I first have to take some time to ship those neverending story fugly sidekick pcbs…

Alright, I went though my list, and I actually need a little bit more than a handful capacitors.: a handful of capacitors and some op-amps. I hope it is not too much:

2x 926-LME49740NA/NOPB
2x 887-2181BL08-U
2x 647-UKW1J220MDD
6x 555-RFS35V100ME3#5
2x 871-B32529C1223J
8x 23PS122

Total 24,07 Eur

I live in Germany and can transfer the money immediately by paypal or bank transfer.
Is that fine?

Actually, I’ll take 3 of those sliders ( 312-2045F-G50K ), instead of 2, in case I trash one removing the centre-detent ball-bearing.


@Karg: That is ok, I have added those items to my shopping list. We can sort out the money transfer thing later, until I have actually made the order.

@toneburst: Updated to 3 of those sliders.