Mouser order (Germany/Europe)


Since the black knobs with white marker are sold out at Farnell (1441142), and I want some for my new Shruthis, I was wondering if someone from Germany/Europe wants to order something from Mouser. Mouser shipping is free to Germany when the order is 75 Euro+ (Customs still apply though).


if have orderet 60 of them! still waiting :slight_smile:

i could do with 12 of these for my Sidekick, too…
any other places to get them from?

I only know of these two. Farnell has all the other colors, but the white cursor ones are sold out. They will have new stock in 27 business days… thats a bit too long :frowning:

thanks, oh well, guess i’ll have to be adventourus and choose a different colour :wink: