Mouser LED is obsolete in BOM ( SVF voicecard) whats a good replacement?

Hi all

my mainbord is 99% done and I need to order 6 extra audio outputs ( lol) I only purchased 1 of them, I was double checking my parts and Im missing the orange LEDs listed on the BOM as this:

604-WP7104LYD T1 3mm Orange

what would be a good alternative/replacement from Mouser?

they have a link for the new part , but its yellow not orange , the colour doesnt bother me, I just want to make sure its compatible

thanks again

You can use the technical specifications and the search filter to find a suitable replacement. Or just go with yellow…

the yellow one will be compatible without a problem

edit : but you probably want to do a little search, if I remember well the recommended yellow leds are rather expensive…

not sure what that is all about over at mouser, it shows new product not stocked but no lead time to delivery…

604-WP132XND 3 mm orange rounded tops


@fit, that item is now in stock 5331 of them, well 5327 now :slight_smile:


I use the yellow ones (604-WP710A10LYD), they work well and are in stock.

my 4 orange ones showed up ( 36 hours!) off to solder voicecard 1

Voicecard 2 is the most exciting one. At least for me it was. The polypohony door was opened…