Mouser LCD Order (UK/Europe)

I need another LCD for my new Digital/Control board. Maybe I could tag my order onto someone else’s, if anyone’s about to order anything from them, or I can do a small bulk order myself and split delivery, if that works better.


haha, Damn, it doesn’t seem like long ago that you sent me your extra one!

As luck would have it, I needed 2 more from Mouser. And I figured I should probably get a few extra… So I think I got 6 of those nice blue ones here now, and I only need 3…
I also have some extra of those posh styrene 220 caps if you are interested.

(And plenty of button caps on the way, but it seems you are sorted for those now)

i could take care of one of those needless LCDs, if you like to sell it.

No problem Rosch :slight_smile: I can send it when the button caps arrive.
That leaves me with 2 spares. 1 i’ll keep, the other Alex is welcome to if he decides he wants it.

The ones I have should be the same as this.

PS, anyone got a good red one for swaps?

@Luap that’s very kind. I was really looking for a neg green one though, to go with the green enclosure I’m going to buy from fcd72. I’m probably overdoing the whole colour-coded Shruthis thing, but as Magnus Magnusson would have said “I’ve started, so I’ll finish”!

I’m ok for styrene caps, too, thanks again. As I said in another thread, I’m planning to socket the four filter caps in the SVF, so I can try the poly caps, and some other different options, and see what sounds best. I should have all the components for Sidekick, SVF, Digital FX boards, bar that pesky LCD, and the Sidekick enclosure, which I’m holding off on for the moment until I feel less poor again :wink:


@Luap the Newhaven neg red one from the same range is a bit disappointing, I found. It seems quite dim in comparison with that lovely blue one.


Ok, I might leave the red one then. I have a red case on order, so a red screen would have been nice for it. But no matter. It will look nice regardless!

I’m maybe overstating a little. It does look nice- just not as immediately impressive as the blue one.


Red LCDs are always dim, I have never found a good one. If you want a black background, the brightest colors are green or yellow/green.

Ah, thanks for the info pichenettes. I’ve got a yellow/green one with my SammichFM kit, I think.
Good to know.


Here’s a very poor photo of the red one:

maybe toadstool has some better pics of his red display in the red enclosure.

Note this one still has the protective film on the screen, which is a bit grimy.


i have a red one too, i thought it’s ok

OK, I’m going to send that Mouser order this afternoon. Anyone want to add anything? I’ll send the order after lunch, say 3:00pm UK time, so if anyone wants to add any last-minute items (Sidekick logarimthmic pots, tact switches, maybe…), let me know before then.



Ok, last chance to put in your orders.
Sending in 30mins.


hmm… i did want all the bits for the ir3109 board but no time to sort it out.

Did you happen to order your bits from there and save the cart?

Ah, sorry, mate. Being an impatient sort, I sent the order off. I got the IR3109 bits from Farnell. I think I did save the cart, as it happens. Gotta dash now, but I’ll try and forward you on the cart in some form. Not sure how much time it will save you, as there may be unneeded/missing items there too, as I already had some of the required bits, and there are a few items for another project on there too.


toneburst, have you already built the SVF?
i’ve just reread the part with the polystyrene caps. could be possible that socketing is not the best option for those caps, as they usually have very thin leads that bend very easily.
i haven’t tried that myself. i got the board before i ordered with reichelt, but was too impatient to wait for the styroflex, so i put in what i had on hand, that’s 220pF ceramic disc caps, hehe.
so i’m looking forward to your results, also w/r/t the socketing

^ I got some of those caps going spare too if you are interested :wink:

i’ve already ordered some from reichelt, this time along with enough other styrene values to enable instant filter fun in the future.
but thanks!

Just starting to build the SVF board now, rosch. I’ll let you know how it goes.