Mouser component not in stock! What can I replace it with?

The offending component:


Which board? some of the caps are for audio others for just stabilising voltage for digital stuff.

This is from the preset cart for the 4-pole mission kit. Here’s a link:

It’s the only component that needs to be backordered :frowning:

Probably a more useful link,

It looks like it’s part of the filter board.

Yeah, C30 which is connected to the “MIX” line. I’m not sure if the type is that crucial. I’d best let an expert answer that :wink:

Looks like the only difference here is the lead spacing:
I’m so paranoid about ordering a wrong part, I need a second opinion though :stuck_out_tongue:

You can pretty much stuff in any 220n cap you find as long as you manage to attach it somehow to the board :wink: