Mouser BOMs

For those of you who prefer Mouser for parts sourcing, I’ve created a few projects to share:

Shruthi-1 Digital Control Board <-no screws/washers, and I’m constantly switching around display and LED colors…

Polivoks Filter Board

Digital Filter/FX Board <- not including chips available in Mutable shop. Power connector needs modifying, see below posts

4-Pole Mission Board <-- No SSM2164 quad VCA

Dual SVF Board <-cannot personnaly vouch for it, compiled by MicMicMan


edit: DSP board built and works great. The Control Board BOM, half of the Polivoks (got the partial kit), 4PM and Anushri are still untested. USE AT OWN RISK.

Does anyone know what resistors I should use for bleo’s suggested red LEDs for the Polivoks?

The polivoks link doesn’t seem to work. Says: “The access number entered was not found.”

Oops! Thanks, randy. Fixed.

Thanks bleo this is great

Polivoks partial BOM tested and passed. Thanks, Olivier!

Next up: Digital Filter/FX board… then when I fall in love with that, I’ll have to build it its own controller board…

Thanks for sharing.
OT. What’s a red alert polivosk?. I’m ending mine but I never heard “red alert”, perhaps in some films…

The “Red Alert” kit was a limited run in the shop that included the crazy Soviet-style case, red PCBs and most, but not all, of the parts needed to build an entire Shruthi-1. The remaining parts are on the Mouser project linked above.

Lovely red case… M

OK, here’s one: the digital filter/fx board has smaller holes for the power jack! Don’t use the one I listed! It would work on the polivoks, though.

I couldn’t seem to find an appropriate DC power jack like this at Mouser at all. I ended up cutting the pins and just soldering some old resistor legs to the remaining pads and that worked just fine.

In the meantime, I’ve changed the above linked Polivoks BOM for all the parts for the entire filter board only, since I bet everyone who bought a limited partial kit has already built them.

" I’ve changed the above linked Polivoks BOM for all the parts for the entire filter board "

Cool… i ordered Polivoks PCB’s recently so i have just plain boards. So i can get all parts for filter board from your share at Mouser. How about that control board, is it similar to Normal Shruthi-1 then?
And the reason why there is also control board PCB for polivoks in Mutable Instruments shop is that it is red?

yes, the only purpose is to have both boards in red and with similar graphics.

Looks like the hex spacers are back ordered, doh!

Yeah and if you’re going for the red Soviet case stylee, be sure to get these red LEDs and this red LCD display instead of the yellow/amber ones I listed. RED ALERT!

Oh and here are the switch caps (I think black looks best against the red case). And people say these are the spacer headers to get.

:slight_smile: Red display might be the one that i’m gonna get, yeah… but leds… hmm. I also like green/red contrast.

You can get the hex spacers most places. I got a few on ebay from a seller pic-projects:

Indeed. I was just bummed cuz it cuz down on the project’s one-clickabillity. I’m sure Mouser’s probably got a bunch of other kinds of hex spacers, I just haven’t got the time to check ATM!

Just checked. Yeah, looks like Mouser is clean out until April 13 so not too long of a wait.

Just realizing I didn’t include screws and washers in my BOM… !

So, are you saying me that this lists contain all the parts that i need to build a polivoks? Or some parts are not present in the lists?

Anyway Thank you! Yor work is really appreciated!,

Yes, everything needed to build the polivoks filter board is on that list. Except, of course, the PCB itself, available here .