Mouser BOMs for Ambika Main Board and SVF card

Hi all, Im not sure if these are helpful or not, but I created these earlier on today while shopping for my Ambika Pioneer Kit I bought
they have not been double checked so if you find any errors let me know and Ill fix them Mainboard SVF card

thanks, i’ll definitely make an ambika, once I can get hold of boards…

Hello, The link to SVF card doesn’t work… is it possible to make another one? and what about the V2164 quad VCA? where can we find it?


small bear

2164s? In one of my drawers. Sometimes i feel like Smaug sitting on his treasures in his Cave . . . .

the SVF is fixed, i did NOT double check these, so you may want to give them a once over before you hit buy, I amended these as I ordered only 1 output jack instead of 7 :frowning:

for the V2164, you can have fun looking at googles image search or go here:

I made an Ambika BOM earlier, link on wiki for Mouser. It’s got the arduino style headers, haven’t put any together for voice cards though.