Mounting suggestions for Mean Well RT-50B

I’ve read this thread and my conclusion is that the RT-50B fit my needs for my new new case I’m building (84HP, 6U 7mm plywood). I found this cheap (23€)
Obviously I have some concerns about how to connect the main power as securely as possible.
Do you do some isolation like hot glue over the wires connected to the PSU?
Any recommendations on a connector and how to secure it to the case?
Power switch?
Primary fuse?
Please inspire me, post pictures of your designs!

Well it’s a hot topic :slight_smile: You need to make sure the connections are as stable as possible, but usually the screw terminals won’t come loose by themselves. You can use some additional precautions to keep the wires in place though. A good idea is to add a physical separation between the PSU and the modules just in case. Adding a fuse won’t hurt and actually seems like a good idea, adding a power switch will also be a good idea, since you don’t want your modular to be on all the time, or maybe not to go on every time you switch your plug strip on.
It’s been often suggested to take several wires from the PSU, the power inlet and the busboards to a common protective earth bus bar, more info here:
By no means I’m an expert in these matters, just repeating advices I’ve got and which I’ve around.
Keep in mind that if you’re not feeling 100% sure of what you’re doing, you’d better leave your hands from it. Mains voltages are not something you should take lightly.

I’d put a cable clamp to clamp the wire to the case, this stops movement of the cable affecting the terminals.

As for the cable terminals I would put an earthed metal or plastic cover over that area.

Use crimped connectors to connect the wires to the terminals.

I used a power switch and cable clamps on longer cable runs to secure things. Any live connection is first covered in electrical tape, and I also put a plastic shield over the connections on the power supply. In my case, these are RT-60B and RT-65B. I can link to some photos later if you want.

Thanks for the warning. You can’t stress enough how potentially lethal these thing can be. I have a degree in EE and working experience from PSU’s so I think I know what’s going on. Otherwise I would not have considered this solution or more importantly, have doubts. I’m interested in practical solutions that are possible to do at home with limited resources. I would love to see some pic of the shielding of the PSU connections.

Can’t remember how to embed photos, getting too old and lazy to go look it up:

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You can see how things are mounted and the plastic covers I made for the live bits. The terminals under the covers are also covered with electrical tape.

There are also fully enclosed meanwells with equivalent specs. You can mount these internally “Waldorf style” and cut of the DC connector to wire to your bussboard.

EDIT: See here and here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I maintain a list with most available PSUs here:
In the article you’ll find a link to a spreadsheet with links and prices for the PSUs. Some data is currently outdated, we’re working on keeping it up to date, so it should all be updated soon.

I actually cancelled my RT-50B order (it was not in stock). After thinking about it a second run I ended up with building my own PSU with the same regulators as the Syntrotek deluxe power uses (). The components ended on around 50€. For laptop 15-20V adapters there is an unlimited source at the second hand / flea markets around.