Mounting LED's in Anushri Eurorack Build

Hi All

I am building up a Euro version of the Anushri and have hit a wall when it comes to mounting the LEDs around the switches.

The build pictures show the LEDs being mounted with spacers but there are no spacers in the kit I have.
Are they missing or just not necessary in the Euro build ?

Can anyone walk me through their successful Euro build in regards to mounting these LEDs ?

many thanks


The kit doesn’t include spacers.

You can do without them by using a 10mm wide cardboard strip under the legs of the LEDs, or by temporarily putting the faceplate on, putting the LEDs at the right height, and then bending their legs to keep them in place.

You can also fit the faceplate, then push the LEDs into the holes, and hold them in place with some masking tape. Worked for me.


A piece of Tape on the Panel works great to hold the LEDs in position, simply put them into the holes, mount Panel, place LEDs into the holes, flip over and solder. Use a Tape that doesn’t leave residues of Glue (i recommend TESA™ :wink: )


Thanks people !

Yes , i was thinking some Scotch Tape on the panel for flush and the flip and solder gravity placement.

Much Appreciated.