Mounted my mouser LEDs correctly ( backwards :()

I missed this line in the instructions:

" The 2-color LED from Mouser (604-WP937GYW) has to be mounted backwards because the Y and G LEDs are oriented differently. "

so does that just men my colours would be backwards? ie when teh manual says Yellow, mine will be green and vice versa? I dont feel like desoldering 15 of these :frowning:

No, I knew it would happen, so the firmware has an option to flip the color of all LEDs. It’s in the preferences page.

phew! thanks off to try voicecard1!

and it works!

Amazing firmware!

now my ambika come alive, but I have the same problem with the LED.
Yellow instead of green and vica versa. I have looked at the preferences and I
can only get on and off the LED´s of the voice card. Where can I flip the mobo LEDS?
Thanks for help.

The setting is called “swap”.

Thanks for the answer, but I think i have to wait until I get really deep in
using tho great machine. I am a really beginner, just started to read the manual.
So, I will wait until some light comes in “where” or “what” I got to “swap”.
Or is there a shortcut?
Thank you in advance

There’s a setting in the preferences called “swap” which swap the LEDs color. On the same page as “LEDs”. If you don’t see it there, maybe you bought your chip a loooong time ago and thus got an old version of the firmware written on it.

Wow, now i found it, and it works perfect, thank you!