I was recently talking to a friend about how nice some of Braids models were when used as exciters into Rings and this feltzy drone phased into the world.

Patch Notes:

Braids running in flute mode with it’s colour and timbre settings being modulated. Patched to Blinds with it’s amplitude modulated by a sine from Batumi and then sent to Rings running in sympathetic string mode.

Noise from QR2 is also going to Rippes and Doepfer A124 which via Blinds are being modulated by Tides, Batumi and A171-2 in various directions.

Mixed through a Beringher mixer with Strymon El Cap and BlueSky on the busses and recorded to a zoom H4

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Excellent drone

I’m rather partial to Braids PRTC mode run into Clouds then into Rings or a SMR

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