Most Overrated Synthesizers? (Analogue, Digital, and Hybrid)

On the thread about underrated synths, there were a few comments about overrated ones. I am curious to know what your opinions are on overrated synthesizers, and why they are overrated. I will reserve my own opinions for now as I would like to know what some other views are.

TB 303
TR 808, TR 909 (no synths, but highly overrated too)

Juno-106. It’s so polished and has such a limited range of sounds it’s lacking personality. TB-303, cause it’s been done to death. Massive - cause it got old really fast.

Analogue: MiniMoog

Yes, i am a Heretic, but once you had the opportunity to play one you will see, Bob is only cooking with water. No Mystic at all. Nice Synth albeit, dont get me wrong, but its main issue is being the first one, so your hearing habits got used to it. But being the first doesnt necessarily mean you are the best…

Digital: Nord Lead
Hey, its just an simulation of a standard Analog Synth.

Anything with only one encoder for editing, and no awesome free editor available…

Guitars have been done to death as well. :wink:

Anything guitar-based is uninteresting or just plain boring to these ears, so I concur.


You probably played later model with op-amp oscillators (made after 1974) and not the tRuE mInImOOg with discrete oscillators :wink: :wink: :wink:

Frnk: Yep, it’s almost like everyone forgot the X0X series were ubiquitous in techno music because they were cheap at the time. They definitely are not worth the prices today. However, I am partial to diode ladder filters.

@Jojjelito: I prefer the JX series to the Junos myself. I can’t comment on Massive because I don’t use it.

@fcd72: The Mini is Ok in my book, I have more of an issue with the MemoryMoog. It was not built to the same standard, and it doesn’t use genuine Moog Oscillators. Not that I don’t like CEMs. I guess what I am saying is that there is more to the “Moog” sound than just the filter.
Out of all the Nord products, I liked the Wave the best. Their drum machines and digital modulars are pretty nifty too.

@V`cent: I like this view. It keeps the cost down on several of my favorite synths, haha. :slight_smile: I must agree that a well implemented MIDI spec is a major plus.

@thijs: Without guitars we wouldn’t have as many great effects pedals to use with our keyboards and modules.


808!? You’re tripping and you obviously didn’t grow up in the 80’s. Overpriced definitely but overrated never.


Guitars!? Do you actually listen to music?

Minimoog, TB303

I was honored to play a Model from my year of Birth… although i didnt open it to check that inside is not a castrated Shruthi with a TubeOhm Ladder Filter.

I dont know about thijs but jojjelito is way out in ModularLand™ the place where hardly any music is played - and i nearly catched up :wink:

Modularland™, the place where every synth noodle ends up sounding like diarrhea …

Hahaaa started something here!
I wouldn’t know as I haven’t used many but, I think lots are overpriced.
I’d even say that the new MS20 is overpriced when compared with new stuff in its price range.

@Pish: Stimpy! Do you realize what you have done?
I have similar sentiments. As far as the new MS20 is concerned, I’d rather they took off the keyboard to save on the cost. I also feel the same way about the SubPhatty’s keyboard.

@soup: I actually grew up in the 80’s but I preferred sampled drums back then (LinnDrum, DMX, SP-12, Drumulator, DrumTracks … you name it.)

I think that the TR 808 / TR 909 are overrated (and overpriced) because some people behave as if you “need” to have one (and nothing else) to make music. I don’t agree with that, there are many other (maybe better) options to do drums these days.

Considering price, capabilities and interface:

Analogue: Moog Source (usually about 3000 USD on eBay)

Digital: Nord Lead

AX-60/Sixtrak/Multitrak (anything CEM3394 based), crappy filter, buzzy oscs, general crapfest. Should have left that part in the standup arcade games where it belongs
Oberheim Matrix-6/1000 (anything CEM3396 based) The next generation of the previous bullshit

for digital stuff, I have always been underwhelmed by the Waldorf stuff (I owned a Q, wasnt felling it at all)

@MaxZorin: The membrane buttons on the Source always bothered me. It really just goes to show how contagious membrane buttons are - the Chicken Pox of the synth world.

@altitude: Were CEMs used in arcade cabinets? I know that Taito used Ensoniq chips in several of their cabinets. Also, the Sixtrak seems to be more coveted than I had previously thought, but I still don’t get the appeal either.

@soup: I listen to plenty of good music. Of course, once the guitars enter the picture the “music” label attached to it is no longer valid. Any guitar-based rock is 100% dross crap made by idiots for idiots. Some rock have electronic or keyboard parts, thus making it listenable again in small doses.

ModularLand is a bizarre fetish, as soon as the real gear heads enter the party it’s about making sounds, not so much about making music. Fun, but it’s a kind of masturbatory exercise. Then again, just as some poorly put together people like rock, some other weird people like drone.

@altitude: the last days of analog back then were sad. The Doepfer Dark Energy used a 3394 and it came out just fine.

3k for a Møög Source!? Are people on drugs or something? Half that is too much.