Most efficient way to build an XT with filter other than SMR4?

Hi all. Thinking of building a Shruthi XT, but I think I’d probably want to use TubeOhm’s ladder filter. As far as I can tell, there’s no other way to acquire the XT case and control board than with the kit, which ships with the SMR4 board and components. So, what’s the most cost effective way of building a Ladder XT? Is there a market for the completed SMR4 board, or would I be better off buying the rest of the components for another complete Shruthi to put the SMR4 in, or what?

I used my Yellow Magic filter in my xt.

I think the best way is to get another original digital control board. You can then have two or sell off the other one. I’m selling mine (yellow magic control board with the smr4 filter) to a friend while also helping him build it.

Two Shruthis is better than one…and the SMR4 is awesome. I would buy a second control board/chip and source the parts.

Thanks guys. Building a 2nd shruthi with the spare filter seems like it might make the most sense, though it raises the initial investment by a significant amount…

I have build a XT with a ladder filter for somebody. You can reuse most of the parts that come with the SMR4 in the ladder filter. But you will need to buy a few extra parts for the ladder of a value about €12,50 … But you will also need to do match the transistors which could take an extra investment.

You could probably get away with ordering the transistors from cut tape instead of bulk. I’ve read a couple people that trannies that have the same date stamp pulled off tape are already matched. I did this with my TTSH, although I haven’t tested this method yet. Build the SMR and get Digital Control Board. One can never have enough backpack synths :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm. I appreciate all the input. It’s a bit of a weird situation for me right now as I’m waiting for the MFB Dominion 1 to come out and for reviews etc but getting continuous GAS for good bass synths since all I have right now is a uWave XT and DW8000 (not that those can’t do bass but…). So I really wouldn’t mind having a couple Shruthi’s eventually, but really the impetus right now is just for a cheapish cool monosynth. Desk space, inputs, and budget are limited. In the long run, it seems like the most logical thing would be to just get the XT kit, then build a ladder Shruthi separately and control it from the XT for some interesting mismatched duophonic action. But in the short, impulsive run, I’m still confused XD

Either way you’ll need to buy the SMR4 XT.
So buy it, build it, love it, listen to it and learn how it sounds.

Then when you have a little more time/money/deskspace, build a simple shruti with a ladder filter and you’ll be able to decide which one sounds the best for your use/music.

Because you cannot know which one you’ll prefer if you haven’t played any of the two already, you should aim for efficiency and not loose time, money and focus on music.

I’ve been many times in your situation and that’s what I try to do now :slight_smile:

Haha alright alright. I’m gonna do it :slight_smile: