More Shruthi Videos!

I’m playing the waiting game right now and the lack of good Shruthi videos is tearing me apart, especially for the new 4pm!

Where are the talented musicians and why aren’t they making good videos like this?

I agree, the Shruthi-1 need more awesome videos. But what is holding you back from creating one?

Mine isn’t here yet!

I’ll indulge ya. Here’s a video of my polivoks shruthi-1 when it was still in its formative stage.

This was pre-2/4/8-step mixing mode but still able to get nice and rhythmic!

Made this one right after I built the first version of my CTRLR panel (before I fixed the horrid color scheme & widy75 took it and totally made it way more functional). But it was more a demo of the ctrlr panel than the shruthi itself.