More pre-routed Filter modifiers?

On the Filter (S2) page, there are 2 pre-routed modulations (env2 and lfo2), but there would be space for 2 more.
Common ones are KeyFollow and Velocity.

Would it be possible two put them there?

Thats what the Modulation Matrix is for…

I know you can do everything with the Mod matrix. But then why is there the env2 and lfo2 pre-routed on the filter page, which you could do with the mod matrix as well?
And I mean why not use the empty space on the filter page?
Of course its not necessary, but it would be nice to have! :slight_smile:
Then of course this should be MIDI mappable, so that you can tweak your sounds faster with an external MIDI controller.

And then, if you can set the KeyFollow from 0 to 100% on the filter page (100% would then be the default, as it is now), and additionally set bipolar KeyFollow in the mod matrix, you can get negative or more than 100% KeyFollow, which can be very useful and musical in some situations.

Here’s why:

I planned to develop and release dual filter voicecards (which would be SMT to deal with the higher number of parts). You can actually see it in the patch data structure ; and the “blanks” on the filter page were to be filled by filter 2 / cutoff 2 ; and filter 2 mode.

It is unlikely that this voicecard is going to happen (I don’t want to do another DIY SMT product ; and the cost of having it industrially produced wouldn’t be worth it). So I might indeed dedicate the spare bytes and UI space to pre-routed modulations.


I also dreamed about this!
keyfollow would be very highly appreciated, as well as velocity.
And if one could set up the voicecard type per slot in the main menu, one would get two more free places in the filter menu:slight_smile: for SMR4. Because there is no BP,HP.

And here I really would like to have EG1 prepatched! either 0 to minus 127 or -63 to 63
I mostly patch a second adsr for pads or basses
and at the last place, I’d like to have OFFSET prepatched
because, when you modulate a lot, it is very nice to shift the whole modulation up or down without destroying the relations between the single modulators

this would be soo cool, because I’d have more free mod slots then for the more interesting sound shaping modulations


ts the status on this one?

I added velocity and keyb tracking to my Ambika so far, thought I’d share it with you guys. I posted two bin files so you can upgrade using your sdcard.


just testing…

feels only slightly changing the cutoff, should it open completely, when cutoff setting is 0, env2:0 and velo 63?

respectively I hardly hear anything. Should I do something else than just load your update? perhaps any settings for a program or similar

velocity should behave exactly as it would when you set it in your modulation matrix. So yes, for example when velocity set to 63 while freq is set to 0, it should open up all the way when you hit notes at max velocity. Keyb tracking behaves different, you can set it gradually, until it’s disabled. It’s not perfect. It kinda works for me, but might make some changes here.

You shouldn’t do anything special, except update mobo + all your voicecards.

I copied the two files from you onto my SD card, then whilst powering on pressed button 8, update process began. I see the new modulators on filterpage but hear no difference when using them. Perhaps another one could try?
I’m very exited for this to get work:-)

do I have to copy the voice1.bin 6 times and rename them to voice 1 to voice 6? (I also have 6 smr4)

Yes, voicecards 2-6 have to be updated too. SMR4 or whatever…

works now!

I copied the voice1.bin 6 times, renamed them, then

I pressed "MORE"
then "ABOUT"
then "UPGRADE Port1"
then using Data encoder switching to Port2
then “UPGRADE Port2”
…to Port6

then restart and it works

super super
very happy now
thanks a lot for your effort!

don’t know, if I had to do everything like I did, but it work

yeah,thats how I do it, glad it works !

is it possible to have an OSC ->VCF-FM modulation with this design? as a modification?

This is not possible because the VCF CV is refreshed at 1kHz only. You would need to heavily filter the oscillators signal (or deal with very stinky aliasing).

Hum…I used Soledad´s custom firmware on my Ambika.

Did the upgrade to the Mobo first, got the params on the filter page.
Did the Cards upgrade.

Tested and got very weird sounds.

No test tone, just resonance.

Could this be because I have 4Pole and SVF cards instead of the SMR?

Where can I download original firmware pre-compiled for upgrading through the SD card?

EDIT:I restarted Ambika and it all magically resolved itself! I have the extra parameters and it seems to work ok, thanks Soledad!