More 4-Pole kits in the future?

i left it to late to order one now the shop is out of stock. will there be any more in the future ?

Frank (fcd72 here on the forums) makes the cases. He’s on vacation until the 7th, but try to contact him after he returns.

I’m new here pretty much, I dunno who makes them :slight_smile:

From Frank? (fcd72)

Damn, so how will we be able to get that awesome white enclosure (I like it more than acryllic one personally)? :frowning:

thanks guys

Indeed, if Mouser is your thang, I’ve added the 4PM board project to my list here . Just click on that and the control board and order away! You’ll still need to get switch caps, nuts/washers/screws, SSM2164 quad VCA, crazy smt or t1 leds for the eyes and case.

and there should be saved baskets for some popular online shops so you get all the components you need (or most of them) with one click, or am I mistaken?

No, this was a special edition and it is over. You can still buy the pair of boards.