Moog Sub37

This is more interesting than a drum machine

A Paraponic Sub Phatty. I wonder if it will be more than just that.

EDIT: after actually looking at it-

1-4 pole filter selectable.



Noise oscillator.

@mmarsh: ah you have both? have you tried polychaining them? i’ve been wondering if an s37 slaved to an lp/sp in polychain mode could perhaps save the patch coming from its polychain master into its own memory…

From several sources: it’ll be a “note 1 on osc 1, note 2 on osc 2” thing. Just a 2-voice duo mode.

Ah…not as exciting but for Moog enthusiasts, it’s really, really, really exciting.

Just another boring moog product. Each year another tiny revision of the same old moog synth…

Mmm. Them - the people who are happy with an added LFO. It’s OK that they stick to their guns in terms of what they do well, the Foogers, Phattys, Tauruses and Voyagers are fine machines, but where’s the vector Moog? Poly? Vocoder? Something something with an integrated sequencer?

I see more Voyagers on stage than almost any other synth. The pros love them some Moog. Not exciting in the variety sense, but about as rock-solid as it gets.

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with their products - it’s just me keeping wishing there would be something new Moogish too.

Then again, there’s this Ambika with 6 ladder filters waiting to be finished then I gots me an el-cheapo Poly/Memorymoog. Just add an ensemble effect like the MAM RS-3 resonator or the JH Polymoog resonator clone.

It is fortunate that Robert Moog in the 1960s didn’t have the same mindset that his namesake company has now.

Speaking about Bob, I recently watched this documentary about him that was made some years ago ; highly recommended.

Eh, not my thing, but I bet it’ll sound really nice, have 37 keys which is way too hard to find, be well-built, and will be used in lots of good (and plenty of bad) music.

But I would love to see a vector Moog. Or a 32-37 key Shruthi with mod matrix assignable joystick :slight_smile:

And, it’ll be produced in Asheville, NC, USA, which, despite the fact that the parts are mostly from elsewhere, that is still admirable for me.

I’m not the biggest Moog fan but I really liked the Sub Phatty when I tried it ar the Messe. I was hoping they would release a rack version of it. Maybe that’s gonna happen with the Sub37. Although this paraphonic thing is kinda underwhelming. If you make a poly, make a real poly.

Make Noise has the inventive synthesis stuff convered in that town: I hear they’re releasing a “waveguide oscillator” and an interesting reverb unit…

I don’t need to know what that oscillator is to know I want it.

A real poly, though, also would need more than 37 keys and LFOs/EGs per voice, and probably these days it’s expected to be multitimbral. I’m no gigging keyboard player, but if I were, I could see the use. Whatever, though!

This is a waveguide oscillator! And there’s a nearly incomprehensible article out of Stanford University about it.

sub 37, yes. Sub $1,000, no.

Saw this thread, ignored the 37, thought it was finally released without keys as a desktop/rack unit.
Well, the added front control is cool. I like that they pulled the beat freq parameter to the front as it is a very unique and useful parameter. Well, I’m still waiting for a version without keys either way. Maybe this one will have aftertouch?

the Slim Subby perhaps?


Does it, or does it not have aftertouch?
However, with those looks it definitely isn’t a sub in my book…