Moog style knob part number?

I’ve seen many shruthi’s and some Ambikas that have the nice moog style knobs on them. Does anyone have a part number for the ones that work on these? I don’t want to purchase some that look similar but not work for some reason. (Also not exactly sure what brand/name they go by either)


See here

Maplin call them “fluted” knobs here

The original Moog knobs were of the brand Cosmo. This was eons ago…

These days you can find that style of knobs at Musikding (DE), Banzai (DE), possibly Thonk (UK), Synthcube (US), Mouser (US), DigiKey(US), Mammoth (US), Tayda (TH), SmallBear (US) and a whole host of others. Make sure you get them for 6mm D-shaft if you use that kind of pots/encoders or 1/4" round if that’s what you rawk.

There should be a long-ish thread about knobs, pots and such things if you search the forum.

In the US, Radioshack used to carry these

in bags/blisters of 4

See this Thread

There are some different company names (SR Passives, Multicomp), but some of them use same model numbers.
What can be found here (page 3-4)

This might be one of the manufacturers. There is more information about the dimensions etc.

Great, thanks for the info!

Small Bear has em in assorted colors and sizes. They look just like the knobs Moog uses.

10 for 5,50€