Moog Mother-32 + Yarns (plus Braids)

I have a Moog Mother-32 enroute and this will be my gateway (drug) into modular. I’m considering the Moog 3-tier set up, eventually with a 2nd Mother-32, and the Moog 60HP Eurorack case in the middle containing Braids and the new Waldorf NW1 Wavetable Synthesizer. My goal is rich sequencing with diverse sound sources, so i was considering a Yarns module to sync via MIDI with the Mothers and then drive Braids & the NW1.

Does this seem like a good initial use of Yarns?

Yes, but instead of Yarns + Braids + NW1, I would do

Yarns + Braids + extra modulation source (or Yarns + NW1 + extra modulation source). Something like a Maths, XAOC Batumi, Intellijel Quadra, or even a Peaks or Tides.

You’ll get more interesting sounds with a very capable oscillator and modulation source, than from two oscillators playing boring, static tones.


mommy needs at least one tides, better two.

(everybody does)

What I would say about the NW1 is that I didn’t find it that powerful really. I might even sell the one I have.

I have a Cylonix Shapeshifter too and this is a lot more powerful and takes up less space.

And let’s not forget the Morphing Terrarium

Add peaks, for modulation and drums, tides, shades and a uZeus for a full 60hp case of Mutable goodness to complement the Moogs

awesome suggestions - thanks all!

and the Sheep for Tides!

I would just maybe avoid the uZeus. There’s better PSU solutions out there.

@ rumpelfilter. What better PSU solutions are you aware of?

Why avoid uZeus? Even Moog has one pictured in their Eurorack example case…

µZeus works ok for me. at one point the wall wart burned out and I had a panic attack, but I bought a new wall wart for roughly $12 on Amazon and everything was fine.

I personally never had any issues with my 2 µZeus, but maybe I have the “right” type of modules that draw power in a way that doesnt make them run hot or fail.

Then again, I don’t have them plugged all day, so can’t say if they stand up to abuse in a pro setting.

Thanks for this post, Mother 32 is opening the modular can of worms for me also. Definitely going for Braids as my first purchase

I really like the NW1 sonically but the built quality is pathetic…

It weighs a ton, looks solid, then they go and ruin it with the wobbly pots.

also the sh-101 style sequencing can be done with the record option by the mother-32 internal sequencer. but there are tons of other features in yarns…