Moog identification

Can anyone identify the Moog shown in the photo below? I thought it was a Memorymoog, but now I’m not so sure - it seems to have a LCD panel in the middle, not off to the left as on all the Memorymoog photos I have found. The photo (not mine) is of a performance of Max Richter’s Vivaldi (Four Seasons) Recomposed, by the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra - I attended a performance last Friday night and it was stunning! The Moog was pumping out bass chords and also a subsonic bass line, from the big sub-woofer to the right of the synth in the photo, that induced a clear sense of the numinous. I couldn’t help but feel that he might have done even better had he used an Ambika with six TubeOhm ladder filter cards in it.

Isn’t that a voyager?

Moog Voyager. Standard one. Not the XL.

Ah, so it is! And I was sure it was polyphonic… I think he must have had the three oscillators tuned in a fixed triad.

There’s a way to patch it where the mod wheel controls one of the oscillators pitch, then with the right attenuation, it can be tuned to 5th, 3rd etc. good way to get pseudo-duophony.