Mooer Micro Power

I was surfing the intertubes and came across this device. The only drawback is that it’s designed for guitar pedals, and as such, it’s center pin negative. However, for the price, one could either build or buy some polarity-reversing cables. It’s compact and has 8 outputs that deliver 300mA each. Just throwing it out there, since I know we’re all looking for a way to clean up all these 9VDC adapters.


Yeah, a splitter seems better? you get them with CCTV systems as they come with a powerful 2.5A PSU which powers the cameras and recorder.

Curious if I could power several MidiPals from one of these. Hmmm …

Whoa. I’ve never seen a splitter like that! I purchased one, but it was only a 1-into-4. Yeah, I guess if you had a strong enough wall adapter, that would be the way to go. Medusa FTW!

As an aside, those Mooer guys make a TON of effects pedals that are compact and straightforward. Worth a look, in my opinion.

Something like this? 2.2 amps. Although that would give you about 275mA on an 8 way splitter. Not really enough, you’d want around 400-500.

At 100 bucks, it’s getting up there. I wonder how it compares to something like a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power? The Voodoo is a bit more expensive. I’m also wondering if you could switch the power inside once and have all outputs centre positive. Great for a bunch of Shruthis.

What about this one,

About the manufacturer mentioned above,
nice(chinese) 1:1 cover of the Korg Wavedrum.