Monotron style center detent pots, Nord knobs

Hi guys,

I’m look for small (linear) adjustment pots for a new series of Eurorack modules, something as small as the Korg Monotron pots (Intellijel uses something similar, and I believe I’ve seen the on some newer MI modules too). But…I’d like them to have a center detent. Can anyone recommend a supplier or part type?

It would be even cooler if they have a transparent shaft, like these parts at Mouser (313-1400F-100K) so I can fit a LED. But I haven’t found any with a CD.

Additionally I’m interested in pretty small knobs for D-shaft pots, “soft touch” (rubber) with a clear indicator. What I have in mind is something similar to what Nord (Clavia) uses on almost all of their products.



How many thousands?

One billion…whuhahaha ;).

Ehrm, no actually I’m still prototyping at the moment and thinking about a small production run after that. If that is successful I might scale up into thousands of course…


Then you might consider contacting a potentiometer company and asking them for samples. Let them know what would be the quantity you’d order for the production run.

A few places worth trying:

  • Song Huei
  • Polyshine
  • Alpha Taiwan