Monotron Schématics

For those who want to hack their Monotron, do it with Shematics directly from Korg:


That has been out for a couple of weeks or so. fcd72 already posted it up in the recent Akai/Monotron thread, here:

But it’s jolly decent of Korg to make it easier for us to void the warranty :smiley:
I’ve been quite busy with my Monotron already.

Thanks for the credit but it wasnt me . . my last Korg was the WaveStation :wink:

Doh! My mistake, it was Phm78. Damn you pesky people with 3 letters and 2 numbers on the end for a name…

sorry for the double post :smiley: …Certainly too much iron smokin…

We should find a way crystalizing the soldering smokes and then sell it… probably the next big hit and its not from middle-america!

would it be possible to modify a korg monotron so that it would work as a shruti filterboard?

This thing has no VCA and no VC-control on resonance. Would be easier to just redo the schematics with all the proper VC-controls set up. The “sound” of the MS-like filter is more due to the specific topology / transfer function than to the particular choice of parts. There’s no magic in there.