Monotribe Snare not Transmitting to Anushri via MIDI


I love the Electribe style sequencer on the Monotribe and I also love the more sophisticated sonic capabilities of the Anushri. My Monotribe has been modified to send and receive MIDI and I have been having a lot of fun sequencing the Anushri with the Monotribe sequencer. One thing I’ve noticed when I use the MIDI channel learn function on the Anushri is that the Monotribe synth, bass drum and high hat voices will all transmit to the Anushri but I cannot get the Monotribe snare voice to sound on the Anushri. Has any one else run into this and is there a solution?

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Which MIDI note is used by the monotribe to send a snare?

Name Note number Note name GM drum name
BD 36 C1 Bass drum 1
SN 40 E1 Snare dum 2/Electric snare
HH 42 F#1 Closed hi-hat

from the Anushri manual,

" Manual triggering of the drum synth

The drum synth responds to MIDI notes 36, 38 and 42 (respectively BD, SD, and closed HH in the General MIDI standard) on channel 10."

Thank you all for your responses!

Are there any adjustments that can be made to the drum synth to respond to MIDI note 40?

You could mod and rebuild the code?

if (note 36) {
drum_synth.Trigger(0, velocity);
} else if (note 38) { // <- Modify this to 40???
drum_synth.Trigger(1, velocity);
} else if (note == 42) {
drum_synth.Trigger(2, velocity);

6581punk is correct - that’s the line of code to change to make it respond to E1 instead of D1.

6581punk & pichenettes,

Thank you for your generous assistance. I am uninitiated to the world of coding. I will research how this is done and see if I can make it happen.

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Sjon Pelletier

Hello Again,

I am out of my depth. 6581punk & pichenettes (or any one in the know), I would be grateful if you could please recommend a resource for getting started on coding specific to the application discussed in this thread.

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Alternatively, Is there a trusted builder out there I could hire to perform the above-referenced code mod? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I do not know how time and labor intensive this coding project would be. Working full time with a wife and 1 year old son means I need to pick and choose my DIY battles.



Although I am not the one to do it (out of my depth and time too!) this mod seems like a 5 min. affair for the seasoned programmer.

Mostly change the above lines and recompile the code. Then update your Anushri´s firmware and voila!

Maybe someone could perform this mod for some paypal “thank you” money?

I’d be more than happy to make the arrangement suggested by Varthdader. Any takers?

You really can do this yourself pretty easily if you follow the steps carefully. Why not give it a try first?

@thijs: I would be delighted to try too, I just never compiled any firmware and have no clue how to in my Mac.

The hard part is getting the correct version of GCC etc. After that you just run the makefile by typing make. But usually with a parameter to set what you want to make. ‘make all’ for example.

I’m in a good mood.

^- thats what i love about this place…


I’ just signed on to see what was going on with the thread and was surprised to find out it was Christmas in July! Thank you!


Sjon Pelletier

I should further comment that I am humbled by this generosity and I hope this code will also be of use to others who own an Anushri and a Monotribe.