Monotribe mods paint

I been lurking web and no one seems to have adressed the issue of painting monotribe case/chassis after hacks/mods. would this be necessary to do. I mean drilling holes into casing might compromise and rust?

Wrong forum?
Anyway, unless you regularly use the thing in damp environments, then I wouldnt worry about rust. On second thoughts, isn’t the case made of aluminium? In which case, even less to worry about. As for aesthetics of modifying it, I guess thats your call.

A quick googling says it’s aluminum, so it won’t rust. Ever. It might oxidise a little, but that’s not really a problem.
You can totally paint the case after doing mods, but it’s an optional step :slight_smile:

Aluminium is magic, when it oxidises it basically protects itself from further oxidisation. Complete opposite of rust, which actually attracts moisture.