Monotribe 2.11 Firmware CV/Gate? Yes plz

CV/Gate via the sync in jack :o AND it converts CV/Gate to midi to boot :open_mouth:

yup. for more details, see this thread at muff’s.
(including a translation of the most important bits from the japanese update manual, and cv/gate to midi confirmation)

[edit:] more useful info on how to set up your monotribe for cv/gate after updating in this thread. [/edit]

and here is a direct download link to the update package at korg’s japanese site.

(haven’t tried it myself, though. my 'tribe is still on 1.0 because 2.0 broke midi clock sync in some way. don’t remember in what way exactly. something to do with the upgrade from 8 to 16 sequencer steps making the whole thing run at double speed - or was it half?)

I was wondering how this was going to play out since they were advertising that you could play the monotribe with the King Korg, but all of the discussion on the MS-20 reissue kind of drowned it out.

So under some circumstances, the Monotribe could be a very convenient 3rd oscillator for the MS-20 reissue. The only gripe I have is that there is no release on the envelope, but it almost seems like that could be fixed too.

Korg seems to be a maker that “gets” it more than any other big dog - hardware that continues its lifespan because it is hackable and runs on cheap flashable chips.

From Korg (in Japanese)
This download system update is in the form of an audio file. Please do not play it through speakers or headphones. You may damage your hearing.

for me the most exciting thing about this new update is the cv/gate to midi part. this means that you can use your midi-modded monotribe to play any midi synth - including your poly-chained shruthi collection - from all kinds of analog/modular sequencers, lfos, random voltages etc etc!

I love how the calibration is built in so you can run on whatever:

yes, its very flexible.
and like i’ve said at muff’s: once they add cv/gate outputs and make those switchable between v/ovt and hz/v, and v-trig and s-trig as well, it will be even more versatile.
in may become the new ms-02.