Monome aleph

I just saw the CV I/O. Grid and other controller connectivity, able to run its own programs, with CV? I would use one. Probably a lot. Though I may never justify the purchase.

If it came with tons of ready-made stuff, well documented example code and all that jazz it would be an interesting albeit expensive piece of gear. At the moment it’s too much of a really blank sheet for my taste. Give it some time and we’ll see :slight_smile:

Same here. All the potential is yet to be proven. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just have to be either diligent and/or patient :slight_smile:

Software doesn’t write itself. Software gets written by shipping free units to potential developers :slight_smile:

So this means you are getting a free unit? Let us know how you like it!

This doesn’t mean anything

@ FCD “You can get a hardly used Lexicon PCM92 or an Eventide Exlipse for 1400k$…”

Agreed. Cool but not $1400 cool. I think they are really pushing the whole “boutique DIY electronics” fetish thing too far

let’s have an m.i. audiopal instead.

It has so many overlaps with the OP-1. The Op-1 has a 400mhz blackfin dsp chip, the aleph 533mhz. Both devices have 64mb SDRAM, 4 knobs, OLED display, etc. If Teenage Engineering would only allow use to write software/modules for it…

Anyway. To get an idea what you can do with 500mhz: The OP-1 runs a synth, two effects and a compressor at the same time, while showing some crazy animations on the display.

I think it’s quite powerful. I always wanted a device that isn’t a computer, but that can run synths/effects like a computer. Imagine some great vst’s ported to this device! And with all this connectivity possibilities (cv, foot pedal, audio, etc.) :slight_smile:

But for the price… hmz…Nope.

both are sure 1400€ cool - but not as cool as a white plastic box with rudimentary software (and missing knobs :wink: ) for the same price. You have to be either a programmer that sees the potential or a total freak to buy the aleph in the current state of development.

+1 for the AUDIOpal from Mutable Instruments. Swiss army Knife to Audio Problems - 3Band parametric EQ, Filterbox, Compressor, Limiter, Subharmonic Synthesizer, Exciter, Stereo Width Manipulation, Pitch Shifting, Delay (I dont care so much about effects here)… the whole palette of Audio Engineers little Helpers that pile up to a 20U Siderack… all this in a neat Box with the well known Encoder 1x8 LCD Box and 6.3mm Stereo In / Out. At a decent price im in for at least… wait… 3. Or 4.

@fcd something like this ?

I like my MX200 plenty, but I can’t run mlr or any other monome patches on an Eventide or Lexicon box even if it were worth $10k. Nor can I directly interface a modular with either of those units. Also, for anyone who hasn’t used a real monome, I personally think they are among the most satisfying tactile musical devices out there, and the build quality of my previous 64 was better in a different world than most audio or computer equipment. More on par with a piece of fine furniture.

Obviously, to each their own, but I feel like there is a level of quality here with their work that makes it worth easily as much as $1400 worth of Euro modules or rack gear, which probably all of us in this discussion have, and I also credit monome as being among the earliest in the current group of pioneering open hardware/software folks. I think it is expensive but personally don’t see any fetishization.

@fcd And this:

short view shows its more of a FX unit. What i have in mind is more the MIDIpal Equivalent for the Plumbing Apps that were the initial idea to it - and where its best from my view.
Think of it as a Tool your like to have around if your Buddy asks you to do the FOH with the house installation in that yet unknown venue. Personally id feel much better if i had a Parametric EQ and a Stereo Compressor in my Pocket :wink:

Yep, a Audiopal would be awesome. - But first I would like to see the CVPal :slight_smile:

Different perspectives! If I were working a FOH I would rather have your choices of gear, too. However, if I were the one performing, I would pick the Aleph :slight_smile:

I think of this device as a replacement for a computer more than a simple FX box.

All that said, we’ll have to see how this develops. It is nothing but potential without great software.

Heresy alert: I might choose a monome 64 and aleph over a Big C if I had $2000 to spend on sequencing. I will hide in the corner now :open_mouth:

We;; if monome wont dish pichenettes a free copy, id be happy to contribute to a gear-starter to buy him one if he was truly interested.

I’ll put in $30 if my kickstarter reward is a MI tank top :wink:

Re. microdec: Too bad it has an 8-bit AVR inside. Great achievement they managed to squeeze all these effects in this unit (with a lot of CPU cycles already eaten by the I/O code) - but putting together something as hi-fi as a 96kHz/24-bit codec and an AVR is just weird. Built-in ADC and MCP4x9x / R2R 8-bit DAC / PWM is what an AVR deserves :smiley:

Re. aleph pricing: you’re probably paying the price for a small, low-scale company using the kind of AD parts made for the big guys - long learning curve, higher prototyping costs (BGA), more complex PCBs and more expensive PCB CAD tools… If I had to make a product with such things I would have to freeze all my developments for 7-8 months just to learn all the stuff. If they plan to sell 100 of these, this means that each single unit bears the cost of paying these guys do nothing but learning for a few days.

The box looks pretty cool, but for $1400 you must really hate computers. For that amount of money, you could also grab a MacBook Air, a controller with good encoders, a decent audio interface, and a Max license.