Monome aleph

pretty ambitious! also quite exciting sounding.

$1400 … wow… But a very nice concept…

So what exactly does it do - besides lacking 4 Knobs to the Pots/Encoders at the Display?

Box to run audio code on. Code TBD.

Ah, it does nothing before i learn C++?

There are a few “apps” for it nearing completion. Like the monome, they expect the rest will be community-supplied.

I think it beeds a programmer.
this might be really really interesting… depends what people actually come up with on the software side…

have you written any code for this? :wink:

Well, this could be fun!

sounds like a clear “Jein” :wink:

That explains why the video is not really clear about what this white $1400 box actually does except looking good :slight_smile:

more details:

Once I saw the price I stopped watching the video. There are alot of other things out there waiting for my $1400.00.

+1E1000 or something!

$1400 blank box and the Ezra Buchla name attached to it. Please, at least do some real work before you get my hard-earned money.

You can get a hardly used Lexicon PCM92 or an Eventide Exlipse for 1400k$…

well it’s basically a small computer… which partially justifies the price.
we’ll see…

it’ll probably be a neat little box to have alongside your rack i think. it all depends on how easy the thing is to configure and set up. if you end up spending most of your time configuring it, then hey, just use your computer with your monome.

I am not a monome fanboy by any means, though I did have a 40h and 64 at various times, sold them because they didn’t make me like using a laptop enough…of course the Aleph needs to be proven, but I think there are plenty of expensive items out there that I would rather have, and also many yet more expensive that seem less useful, as well.

We will see. Plenty of folks bought Kymas and other such things which seem to be in a similar vein, but this seems more appealing to me. I won’t be buying one, but I can see the purpose.

i’m a dad now and can’t justify any of this stuff anymore. lol. i certainly won’t be getting one.

The difference between this Box and a Kyma is, a Kyma works right after you plug it in and you dont need to write any software to make any use of it, wheras the aleph is a rather white sheet of paper as far as i understand. To compensate it has the Buchla Name sticked on it, just if its “only” Ezra Buchla :wink: