Mono Legato Velocity

Hi there,

I just noticed that, when playing legato in mono mode, the velocity is not updated. I.e. if you play some Van Halen like tapping you cannot control the sound with velocity. Instead, the velocity value from the first key-stroke is used.
Other synths (e.g. my MFB Microzwerg) do update velocity, and I think this is more musical and playable.
Is there a setting I missed? Could this feature be added?

The legato mode is currently designed so that playing a note legato only changes the pitch (frequency) to that of the new note - without retriggering envelopes and changing modulations.

There’s a line of code to change in the voicecard code to fix that (Move this line out of the if block). If enough people weigh in to change that I’ll do the fix to the default firmware.


The musician in me thinks that would be more expressive freedom. Would it waste precious CPU to have that be in the mod matrix, such that a -63 value could return it to the state of just legato only affecting pitch.