Moments lost

There’s an amazing tribute to Vangelis, the CS-80 and Blade Runner in the making. It seems to be a good old-fashioned concept album, artwork and a collection of short stories. Visit Moments Lost and check it out if you haven’t already.

This will undoubtedly lead to someone around here selling their car to buy a half-functional CS-80 to sit at home with all day and look at.


Aside from the GAS it will induce, it seems like a really cool project.

I almost snagged a cs-60 from CL for $300. Someone beat me to the guy with $500. I’m still bummed.

Think Ill jump on the vinyl.

Speaking of…

ONLY $19,000

What a bargain :smiley:

Interesting project, demo sounds nice… What surprises me is that there are no names of artist involved in the project except for the illustrator which by the way also seems to take the biggest share in funds if the project.

The musician is Fredrik Segerfalk, owner of the Analog Sweden studio. It’s written somewhere far down on the page, along with the producer Per Ronge. There’s probably other people at the studio involved too, but yeah - such details are scant.

Hmm, I know of a dude who paid 135 000 SEK (approx 20 000 USD) for a near mint CS-80 with MIDI. That guy is pulling it off, he’s a talented artist. Those are way cool and expressive synths, but I sense a maintenance nightmare.

Yeah from what I understand, they’re down more often than they’re up and it can take months for some of the ultra-rare parts to turn up for sale.

Worth it? Possibly…for someone with a single-minded desire to own what might be the best sounding synth ever made. Luckily, I’m not such a person. Rather have 5-10 other vintage synths!