Modulor Cases

Hey All, I have just built my first Shruthi - the yellow magic edition. While it sounds great, I still would like to build my own case to make it fit the rest of my equipment.

Does anyone have experiences with Modulor? Which kind of material I should use, what files do they need…this is my first time doing this and I know next to nothing about the “how to’s” - I only know how I want it to look.

Basically the same as the standard cases, but all black without seen through side panels. Would need extra holes for the LED obviously. Having my logo included would be great as well.

Designwise I know how to use GIMP pretty well but that’s about it.

I ask about Modulor since I live around 5 minutes from their headquarter, so I could just go and see / feel the materials. Other suggestions are welcome as well.

Thank you for your time.

you could have fcd72 from this forum laser it for you. he is the plexi guy around here.

if you want to use formulor i think you will have to send the file as svg. they have a tutorial and example files how to do it in inkscape. (open source like gimp)

in any case you will need vector files for cutting. (pixed graphics won’t help)

See Schrab’s tutorial

Thanks for this link, didn’t even know it was there, maybe should ‘port’ it to the wiki.

Great thank you! That tutorial looks a bit intimidating at first glance to be honest…will have a more proper look at it soon though.
I might ask fcd72 as well, not too sure if it’s worth the hassle doing it on my own.

i thought i was the candyman…

while getting one from fcd is the easyest way of getting a nice enclosure (incl. candy) and supports the community it is a really good thing to learn inkscape imho.

with inkscape, gimp and scribus you get some kind of “open source creative suit”. and as soon as some missing features are implemented (propper cmyk in gimp and inkscape - and i think they are working on that) one will be able to basically do anything that is possible with photoshop, illustrator and indesign.