Modules development cycle [from discussion on NAMM MN protos]

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Very interesting thing is the paper panel and all the protos photos posted before. That’s a super long development cycle, but once it’s done, they are super quick to market. Pretty much all Mutable modules are born “fully fleshed” - almost everything is decided, in place, in v0.1 and the first run of panels is almost always like the final one. v0.2 fixes silly mistakes or tweaks like gains and parameter ranges, and v0.3 integrates feedback from the manufacturing people (moving parts here and there to make assembly easier & the like, replacing a part with something they use on another project and have in stock all the time). It doesn’t take that long to get there, but then things get slooooooooow once it’s manufacturing time (ironically, I got Peaks & Shades made in the US as a trial and it got even worse :/)

You got some module-maker gossip through AH before NAMM?

Should keep my mouth shut about the new modules then :smiley:

I think the problem with getting stuff made here is that there isn’t much of a track record for this type of manufacturing because we’ve only recently started getting back to these jobs (we only build things when the economy is suffering…).

So MN has the advantage of being here to inspect things and keep an eye on it.

I’m getting involved in this kind of thing (and with people who know who to call to make anything) in a round about way so I’ll gather as much info as I can about electronics assembly (if not for you then someone will benefit from it).

Disagree. There are two module makers in France, I was the first one, the second one does a lot of stuff by hand. No “consumer” level products are made here. The place where I have the modules made here makes 50% military/telecom/avionics boards (just the board, tested, nothing else) ; 48% equipment for cities like streetlamp controllers or parking meters… and now 2% Euro modules (okay, they made Biscuits too). Other CMs I’ve contacted were more specialized in automobile, last remain of our glorious industry… But it was a pain in the ass to find people who were not too big (ie, who wouldn’t mind losing me as a client if they severely screwed things up), not too small (who wouldn’t have 10 workers when necessary to fit all these panel nuts).

The place where I have the stuff made in the US manufactures for a bunch of other modular makers, and had audio gear projects in the past including FX pedals or outboard gear. But they just decided to mess up my order…


I suppose there isn’t much of this type of business in Western Europe either- when Eastern Europe is just a car trip away…

Government contractors….here they have a reputation for delays and corruption. But I guess that attitude might be conditioned in us by the media rather than a reflection of reality (except in my home state, New Jersey, where government contractors are synonymous with “Russian or Italian Mafia”).

I’m talking a trip up to Oakland (San Fransisco Bay Area) to check some manufacturers with an associate and meet with an engineer he does business with. Cool stuff. I might end up moving up there one day- more people who actually want to get things done (rather than talk about getting things done with no intention of doing them- ahem, Los Angeles…).

You should move to San Diego. We don’t even talk about doing stuff here…


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I would have said this till 2 or 3 years ago, too. Then there was the first Korn available that was aged in a Barrique
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RyanA4 & pichenettes, any info you find or share about manufacturing please do! I’m in the slow slow process of designing a device of my own and it would be fun to see it realized in the future. Even getting it out in small quantities would probably be an achievement.

Europe oriented is probably best for me but any info will be useful, I know next to naught of these things.