Modules are bouncy and sound terrible after firmware updates, wish I had never done it

Today I updated my modules to recent firmwares, they all sound awful, wish I had never done it,
They are bouncy, stretchy elastic sounding, biiiinnnnggg booing, beyond frustrated, what a terrible day,
Is there something I have missed or should have done, I feel really disheartened and stupid for not knowing enough.


I haven’t had this experience.

Which firmwares are you referring to ?

Just the firmwares on the mutable website,
Rings 1.1
Plaits 1.1

Please provide audio clips or videos explaining the problem!

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will try my best

Also: you have been posting a lot about defective modules lately. Did anything happen with the power supply in your case (for example the -12V rail failing, or dropping to a different voltage)? An incorrect voltage on the -12V supply rail will cause incorrect CVs to be read by the module, making all notes drop down by several octaves. An incorrect supply voltage (positive and negative) could also cause clipping in the module’s audio output.


ohhh now thats a good thought, I switch them out to the other case, and come back to you on that, never thought of that,


All has been resolved, you are very clever, the power supply was causing some issues, I have changed the case supply and all is well in the world.

Thanks for you help everyone,

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out of curiosity did you record any of the bouncing, stretchy elastic sounding, biiiinnnnggg booings?