Module Tester Power Switch

I’m finding that i need to power-cycle (especially “digital”) modules a lot during initial start-up and testing for all kinds of different reasons…
I have a much-used, much-loved v1 Module Tester that is pretty much how I first get all new modules started… I’m sincerely grateful for it and consider it an indispensable tool on in my workspace… It has its own “spot” on my bench.
But I think I want a power switch for it… I think.
If I had a paid version of eagle and hadn’t built my Tester yet, I’d just add in a two-post header but keep the trace from the ~12v at the power jack, so that if one wanted to add a switch, they could just cut the trace and then install the header. Then I’d submit a pull request and hope that Emilie thought it worthy…
Since I have an already-built Tester that I’d really hate to ruin, I want to run my plan by you folks before I take a knife to it:
It seems like one would need to cut and expose the trace in the tiny space between the 12VAC and D2 & D3 to add a switch… Alternatively I could try to desolder the power jack and then bend out the ~12v leg (only), and sneak the switch in there… I’m warming up to that second notion, but still I’m feeling a lot of trepidation about it.
Has anyone tried this modification?
Is this something that makes sense to anyone else? I mean, I’m not super-excited about possibly ruining a fantastically-working tool that I have for a small convenience, when I can just unplug and plug it back in, like I’ve been doing, but it seems to me like it might be worth it to be able to flip a switch.
Is there an easier way of cutting power to it that I’m not seeing?

How about using an in-line switch on the AC barrel? If you know the size there are even pre-wired adapters that have a socket and plug with a switch in the middle. Or cut the end off (leaving enough wire!) and re-wire it to a switch, something like for a lamp or similar.

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How about modifying a ribbon cable with a switch? The power to the tester stays on, but the module can switch on/ off?

I just use a £7 meanwell dc-dc converter (I run it off a 9v dc walwart) to save risk of damaging my module tester. Got a few different test psus as well - linear etc but this is convenient

Also, this is handy in my test rack - first prototype (I made a smaller window in the panel since this)image image

Really nice conversion @forestcaver !!! Super handy. I really like it :heart_eyes:
Congrats !

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Just in case it’s not clear - all my modules are on github -

The MI clones/derivatives that I’ve done are -
minx - 4hp buffered mult (three sections from Links)
Jinx - 4hp s+h (three sections from kinks)
vca1 - 4hp vca (two sections from veils - supports unlimited chaining)
module tester module - as above with added precision voltage references

Lots of other schematic/circuit fragments are incorporated in other modules but I genuinely dont know and cant remember which bits!

Ha ha ha :blush: thx for the update. I already knew your github and your blog ( There are some great DIY ressources and some useful advices there
Thx for sharing :pray:

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