Module tester firmware upload FTDI

I am kinda stumped with how to upload the .hex file to the 644 chip on the Module Tester unit.

Is it possible to do with an FTDI chip? I know the instructions call for the AVR-ISP thingy, but those are really expensive and also just hard to find!

You need an AVR programmer.

ahah. Fair enough.

would this work ok?

This should work, this is what I used to program my module tester.

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I would suggest to take a look at the USBasp - it is open source and you can get this thing for very little money from many ebay sellers. I have one and found it the be more reliable than a STK500v2-compatible programmer. No driver is required - but: Mine has a “low speed” jumper on it that is sometimes needed for chips that have not yet been configured for an external crystal. So make sure the one you buy also has this jumper/switch.
In contrast to the programmer linked above, I think the USBasp can actually do the large-flash AVR chips as well. IIRC I had also used it to program a 2560 with it, but don’t quote me on that…

EDIT: Side note - if you don’t like to work with the command line (which can be tricky especially when it comes to the fuse bits - its easy to make a mistake if you’re trying to set the fuse bits yourself and don’t have a complete copy&paste command at hand) - you can take a look at the AVR8-Burn-O-Mat - its a graphical frontend for avrdude that helps a lot with setting up the fuses, reading and writing firmwares, etc.

thanks for the suggestions :ok_hand:. I ended up using the Adafruit USBtinyISP AVR Programmer and it worked great. I just had to change this line in the avr/ file to PROGRAMMER = usbtiny.

Some trouble I ran into was having to run sudo in the vagrant environment to allow the vagrant machine access to my macs usb ports, and then also just having to switch the USBtinyISP usb cable from one port to another (no clue why but it worked :man_shrugging:) to get avrdude/vagrant to recognize it.

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