Module tester case


i just order a eurorack module tester, and i want also to find a plexiglass case, there is available the case desing file?

i was looking at ponoko, but i didn’t find anything.

thx in advance

Did you have a look in the github? I have made a ai file for a bottom and top plate without sides. But I didn’t check it yet.


here it is.


is my first time dealing with this kind of files.


to place an order to ponoko, this is the correct format to delivery?

probably not. I think ponoko have there own specific way they want to have their files. Check ponoko for that.
Other way is to ask fcd72 here on the forum if he can make a case for you.

no, it’s not formatted for Ponoko. If you want to wait a bit, I am about to order one myself from Ponoko so I’ll be editing that file to bring it up to their specs

there is any market that support this file format?

Maybe they will support the file format but most markets have a special way they want to have the make up of the file.

Or just take a wooden box you have lying around, drill some holes in a piece of perspex (using a template printed on paper and put on top, attached with sticky tape), and it is less naked :slight_smile:

In my case the box was a little wider than needed, but this is quite useful for storing some patch cables you’ll need for testing anyway, and the power cable.

PS: sorry for not showing a Mutable Instruments module in the picture, but these obviously do not need to be tested :slight_smile:

@ insula

Probably no one as is, there is unrendered text in that file that needs to be fixed (no one will take a file with a font embedded). Sit tight, I’m working on it now

viola! $28

Cool. Thanks.

thx eelco for the tip, i already saw your approach, but i like the black case in the photo at web site

altitudealtitude 4:18PM
viola! $28

thx :wink:

Just for completeness here is my file for a very simple top bottom only case. Use clear plexi since there isn’t any engraving.

Awesome altitude, thanks for that!