Module Tester Case Screws

What screws are needed for the sides of the Module Tester case located here:

It looks like the official bill of materials has the screws needed for the standoffs, but I’m not sure about the four that are used for the longer sides of the case.

Are these all that I would need?
M3 screw, 12mm x12
M3 screw, 6mm x4


Sorry, I think I’ve realized that I shouldn’t be asking these questions on these forums because the module tester is_not a supported device right now.

My apologies!

I’ve just put together a case for the module tester this week. For the standoffs M3 screws are needed, indeed, but as the standoffs are somewhat close to the corners, I’m using M2.5 (12mm) screws + M2.5 nuts to lock the four side panels together. You need four sets of M2.5 screws+nuts to lock all four corners.