Module tester BOM – Aternatives

I’m currently sourcing parts for the module tester tool but mouser does not carry some of them, can anybody help me to find some alternatives?

any PDIP 165 will do

With the encoder you’re kind of screwed since the metal ones dont fit very well and the 30mm ones are too long for most knobs BUT if you plan on using the standard soft touch with the skirt, they work fine and you just need to cut 5mm off the top

thanks Raph!
so this one should do if I dremel it off a bit:

when i checked for the parts this week they didn’t have the heatsink for the 7805 in stock. i didn’t look for those ics though.

Yeah, thats the one. You can just snip it with lead cutters.

If you are looking for a good heat sink for 78xx TO-220, THIS is the one in the x0x bom that I use (and love) all the time. No screw to mess with and does pretty well. I still have a linear 5V reg in my Ambika and that thing works like a charm

looks really different from the one that was in Olivier’s BOM, which is this one:

a heat sink is a heat sink. It’s all about surface area with those and having all those folds and thin material makes it pretty efficient

I used one like this on the shruthi… Not that important that it’s huge, as long as you don’t overdo the voltage, but I guess you already knew that. ^^

Have been running it at anything from 14v-7.5v…

eek… 14 sounds danger close the the bye bye 1054 number

That was only the initial spike from the cheap chinese wallwart, it thankfully went down to 12v after a minute or two… I now use that wallwart to power my solder fume extractor >_>

thanks a lot everybody! components ordered!

btw. I just noticed that there is no socket for the Atmega IC…

Are you going to flash the Atmega yourself? I was planning on donig it, but I am not sure how.

I got it already flashed… I don’t have a programmer.
I’m really not an expert with Atmega stuff but I think you need a programmer (not the Frank-type of programmer though). Afaik they are pertty affordable and I’m sure some people here on the forums can point you in the right direction.

Thanks. I know. For some reason I am scared to do it. I actually bought a cheapo programmer but have not even opened it yet.

just try it. it’s not that hard to do.
all info can be found if you do a search with the right keywords here, and maybe dig through a few older threads. but newer ones also i think.

@sammy123 I was scared too, but it was way easy. Just find the instructions and be sure to send the commands separately. I accidentally tried sending the commands to set the fuses (I think?) And the programming commands at the same time which doesn’t work.

Everything works great now!

I finally finished this. I didn’t program the chip though. I ordered one. It came pretty beat up by the post man. All the pins were smashed up pretty good on one side. I manged to get them straightened out though and it is working beautifully.