Module Tester and OLED Display?

Anyone used a 16x2 OLED with the MI Module Tester?

It should be possible, I guess, but would it likely be subject to the HF noise that the ShruthiXT suffered from, and would this adversely effect the operation of the unit?


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I’m thinking this one:


Should fine. Mouser stocks the Vishay parts now too for ppl in the US (Rebadged Raystar)

Thanks @altitude. I’ll get myself a nice yellow one, I think.

It’s only a couple of £s more than a decent LCD, anyway.


yeah, I am quite happy that they are available, I already switched out my Ambika and MB6582 to the raystar parts and am quite pleased. One thing about the red: It’s a pretty loose interpretation of “red”, more pinkish. White, green, yellow are excellent. Blue and red, meh…

Thanks for the tip @altitude. Have you found the white Raystar ones to be genuinely white?

I bought a (unbranded) white OLED for my Ornament & Crime module, and it had a distinct bluish tinge to it.


yeah, they are white for sure. Sure you didnt get a blue OLED of the OC? They come in blue and white and the white is, well white

I ordered a yellow. Should have held off and got white, then I could have put a coloured film over it, and got any colour I wanted.

The OC display I got definitely wasn’t pure white, but was described as white on the site I bought it from, so I was a bit disappointed.

I eventually got a blue one, matching the one I bought for the Temps, so all worked out ok.