Module/patching advice

Hi. I am seeking some advice about passive filters (and passive modules in general).

Can passive hp & lp filters damage my mutable modules?

I understand that there will be a volume drop and I’m fine with that. I Don’t understand modules on a circuit level. I read people talking about impedance eTc. And it goes over my head.

I am specifically looking at getting:

Bastl propust for LP

Modular Essentials low cut for HP

Context: I mix in stereo in the modular to a hand held digital recorder. (I am sure there are “better” ways but this way works for me with zero setup time and no computer). I am looking at the passive filters to declutter the mix. In a perfect world i would have 8 x MI Shelves, but hp and $ means that’s never going to happen.

Thankyou to anyone who is able to help,

You won’t damage anything with these modules.