Modulation break through

I have just finished my 4Pole Mission everything seems fine with only two points.

1. It doesn’t appear to save the 4pm setting - minor inconvenience

2. I am getting modulation break through on G# on every octave. All the other keys in the octaves are normal.
Tried two different keyboards and get the same problem. If you change the tuning of the 4pm then the note that gets the breakthough changes in relation.
Also if you hold G# and then use the pitch wheel to bend the note the breakthrough goes away

It is not apparent on all patches and the effect is not the same as applying the mod wheel
patches #3 Moonrise is the most obious example

It sounds either like lfo or slight xmod or on some patches like env/pre glide on the affected note.
Also when calibrating the self oscillation of the VCF C-C the pitch it actually plays is G# - is this just a conincidence ?

I have attached an MP3 that I hope illustrates the problem.

My electronics knowledge is a little rusty so please forgive me if I have done or missed something obviously wrong

When you mean “it doesn’t appear to save the 4PM setting”, do you refer to the filter board configuration on the system page? You need to save the system settings for this parameter to be permanently written.

Go to the system page and set the filter board to 4PM.

Press s6. The display shows “save midi/kbd settings?”. Turn the encoder to “yes” and click.

Upgrade the firmware with the latest v0.97


  1. solved ( I wasn’t turning the encoder)

2. The chip came pre-programmed with 0.97 should I try re-installing ?

Yes, I think there are 3 or 4 chips out there that I flashed with the 0.97 by mistake while it was still in development. You got one of those, sorry!

Re-flashed problems solved - many thanks.
I look forward to grabbing an Ambika when the kits are released.