Modulation 12 doesn't work

Hi all,
I’m new here…I just finished my Shruthi 4PM and I really love it
I’ve only one problem I don’t really get…Everything works like it should work, only the last modulation in the matrix (12) doesn’t seem to work Does anyone know what could be the problem ?

From the user manual:

“The modulation amount of the last patch cord is adjusted by the modwheel. Huh? Let’s say you set patch cord 12 to go from LFO 1 to the oscillators fine pitch with an amount of 16. This modulation will be applied with an amount proportional to the modwheel position – by default it won’t be active until you start moving the modulation wheel, and to get it at full strength, you’ll have to push the modulation wheel to the max.”

Ok thanks for your quick reply ! Sounds logical indeed…