Modulating effect in clouds

i am new to this and using clouds to process guitar but i am not sure how to vary the speed, preferably randomly, of the effect. for example i would like to avoid the same number of repeats with the same spacing in looping delay mode.

i hope this is clear!

Do you have LFOs or random sources in your system?

Yes, I have both.

Are you able to achieve your desired outcome by manually playing by hand with the knobs on Clouds?

If the answer is yes then you take a CV source that matches the type of manual movement you like and chose either LFO, random, or even a note type sequence and plug it into the CV input of the knob you have been manually adjusting.

Some CV sources may make too large a change, in which case you will need to attenuate the CV source before it goes into the Clouds CV input.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the clear advice. I get the sound I want but not the variations in timing of the delay. I have an LFO with a variety of waveforms so I will try what you suggest and report back.


I am getting some interesting effects by modulating POS with a signal from Branches and by using a variable wave from Eowave lfo. Thanks for the suggestions - a lot to be explored here I think!