Modulating Beads size parameter to emulate Mimephon flip

As an exercise I’m trying to modulate Beads ‘size’ to get it to flip between forwards and reverse grains of the same longish size— basically emulating the ‘flip’ function in Mimephon. Using Maths to send envelopes:
Where should the size knob, attenuverter, and Maths offsets be set?
I’m getting interesting sounds but not finding the sweet spot :slight_smile:
Any pointers much appreciated!

It is simple to do with fixed size but with variable sizes, it may be more tricky.
You would need a switch for instant switch between forward and reverse.
Try setting beads’ size knob at minimum size (point between fw/rw), attenuramdomizer fully cw and send cv between -8 and +8v.
To test it, you may want to send stepped random cv instead of envelope that may be more difficult to judge.
Mult a positive voltage to an attenuverter like shades (or upper section of kinks) and fully reverse it to have a negative copy, send both the positive and its negative counterpart to a 2to1 switch sent to beads size cv input and switch between the two signals to get forward or reverse grains. Because of the way it is designed, you may not get the same size between fw and rw grains, so you may want to add an attenuverter for the positive voltage before the switch. When tested with at least 3 different voltages and found the correct trim between positive and negative voltages to get similar sizes for the grains, you should be able to send your envelope from maths but attenuatted to be under 8v.

Edit : my mistake in this is that I didn’t think about how the buffer work when reversing grain. It may keep the starting point sets by position and so, you don’t get the same sample played backward. Do not sure that it works, it needs to be tested

Inspired by this, I just sent an attenuated slow square wave into the SIZE cv when it’s set at the switch-over point from FWD to REV. It’s pretty cool.

After testing it, it does not flip the sample because the start position stay the same as suspected. And it is the negative voltage that needs to be attenuated to get similar size between forward and reversed grains.

So it may be possible to really flip grain for fixed size but not variable.