Modulated noise on high frequencies?

Hi everybody,

My Shruthi is working very well, but I have just one point to clarify:

When playing high notes (over C4 maybe) and most noticeably with certain types of sounds, I have a kind of modulated white noise appearing behind the main sound. I guess this is a kind of aliasing, but my question is to know if it’s normal (or a problem with my Shruthi), and if it can be minimized? (the power supply is DC9V and enough current - no problem from this side).



With which waveform and resonance settings does it appear?

I too have the same problem!
But I noticed that if I use a switching power supply increases
while a simple transformer and diode bridge decreases greatly…

It can be heard on the 1st preset (Junon) for example. The switching power supply is a good idea, it can creates interferences. I don’t know which type is mine, because impossible to open… but quite heavy, so I guess it’s a xformer and bridge.

At the exception of square, saw and triangle, the oscillators have some aliasing in the highest notes, especially above E4. This aliasing can be put into emphasis when resonance has a non-zero value and cutoff is set to a high value.

OK I will try with just the basic waveform, I guess this is this phenomenon.