Modular version (Eurorack)


You it would be possible to have only the digital part for a digital module.

it would be a module oriented “tools” with MIDI to CV (with polyphonic mode ?), SEQ, ARP, Modulation (2x ADSR or more, 2x LFO or more), all current system routing and assignable to CV output, and more if possible …

I thought these functionalities :

All feature of digital board (But not the filter part)

IN :
Midi IN
CV IN (four ? or more) assignable to any digital parameter (one V/Oct ?)

CV OUT (four ? but eight it’s a good number ;))
GATE OUT (four or eight? )
OSC Out (2 is possible ?)
Clock OUT
Start/Stop OUT

The hardware (or complete news design of PCB implement ?) :
1x digital board
1x CV/Gate board (replace the actually filter board) with DAC ???
Other ???

It’s possible ??? ^^


PS : Sorry for my english

Its all been already discussed here.

Your little extensions would be a massive redesign of the firmware i guess… but if you really want it, why not do it yourself? I wanted more knobs…

You want More knobs??

So NeXT Time on a PCB Not panel mount ones

If I had good knowledge, I will not ask the question :wink: and sorry :confused:

No Problem PooLP, but this is frequently asked here…

that would be a huuuge PCB - and watch out for the new layout. Then you know why its PanelMount…

Huuuuuge PCB for me will not be a problem anymore for me as youuuuuuu knnnnnnooooooowwwwwwww

JAJA EATYone, yours is bigger than mine… but i have more Hair :wink:

YEAH, my alltime favourite drummer, even before Jeff Porcare (God Bless him!) and the MPC-60.

Same hair than me in ze video, don’t you find?

I have purchased a new Digital board for test/hack (with SSM board for my other Shruthi^^), but I would still like to have some response on the feasibility (first post ;))

@Pichenettes, you have a playground board in stock ?


No playground board in store, will get more with my next big PCB order.

Modular stuff is not my cup of tea, I would not enjoy doing it, so even if feasible same answer as Amy Winehouse’s when it comes to going to rehab :slight_smile:

Ok, i’m alone for this subject … I do not bother you more for this.

it would be nice if you could keep on posting about your project. it’s very interesting.

Yep want to follow your project too.

The Shruthi synth is clearly designed to be hacked, and generally modified. Im not especially surprised Olivier doesn’t create a modular version of it himself, when the whole idea of the project is that if a modular version of it what you want, then you make it yourself with your own ingenuity and tools.
Im sure it is possible :slight_smile: