Modular synthesis is

the most expensive possible way to build a miniature figurine collection and most modules DON’T EVEN COME WITH THEM. Mutable and Audio Damage so far are figurine collection approved.

If I ever get around to mass producing my circuits, I’ll keep the figurines in mind. I assume that one adds 100 or so to the price. :slight_smile:

bumping because of a question… I recently purchased a Tides and Links, and both came with little gold-coloured figurines, but the Frames I got came with a little wooden top. Can anyone tell me the significance? I’ve tried looking up Indian wooden tops, Hindi tops, toys, etc, and can’t seem to find one looking remotely like it. Does it have a proper name? Or am I just looking too far into this… or perhaps it’s random?

It’ll still go next to the figurines on top of my modular, though I’m a little disappointed it isn’t another miniature >.>

yep, mine came with a top too. I’ve yet to figure out how to spin it without having it immediately fall over so I gave up and started playing with the module.

Ah, ok. Thanks!

Yeaaaah I gave it a few whirls and then proceeded to connect the module up and wiggle that big ass knob. The rest of my modules have knob envy.

I’d sooner have a patch lead bundled with mine :slight_smile:

There’s no special “meaning” about the top, just something small, handcrafted that I personally like. This is a traditional craft of Karnataka, made with natural lac.

I got the little top with my peaks, and I love it. It’s such a curious piece. The lacquer finish is so nice, I’m afraid of damaging it.

If you spin it three times to the left, four times to the right and six times to the left again it plays Bohemian Rhapsody on a kazoo, backwards.