Modular synth playlist on Spotify to discover artists

I curate a Spotify playlist to help you discover artists that perform on Modular Synth.

The playlist is quite popular (1,600 followers) and I always welcome suggestions with spotify links to tracks less than 10mn, which are instrumental and performed on a modular synth, sometimes I can hear it (the sound of clouds or rings…), sometimes I can’t, so a reference to show me that the artist performs on modular is appreciated, if this is not obvious. Post suggestions below.

Anyhow here is the playlist:

You may or may not like Spotify… but this playlist helps many indie artists on Spotify get monthly listeners and their own followers.


Ah nice, I was thinking of doing the same thing for Google Play Music. Do artists these days really make much at all on Spotify (I know they probably don’t on Play Music)? I haven’t really kept up with that discussion – I imagine it is more of a promotional tool than anything else.

Yes, it is more of a promotional tool. I have now this playlist on Apple Music and I have it on Deezer too, but it would need an update.

For Google play, well it is going away for YouTube Music.

I check my stats and with about 1,300 monthly listeners, I’m in the top 10% of Spotify and make about $3 a month, so yes it is promotional. If you want to really support any of these artists, go to Bandcamp or attend their performances.

Finally, I like biodiversity, so if you want to create a similar playlist, go ahead, the more playlists, the more promotion for artists.

Toute connaissance est une réponse à une question.

Wow… $3 per month… (half a cup of coffee!?). That is pretty insane. I wish bandcamp had some way of associating members/artists into groups that could be shared… would be a nice feature.

I set up a community in Bandcamp. It is a bit like Patreon as this is a subscription service. This is what will soon covers my costs of distributing music.

As for these $3, it is because I’m my own label/distributor.

On your Bandcamp user profile, there is what you follow and like, would be nice if you could organize it in lists. Unfortunately, Bandcamp development of new features is extra slow.

Thanks, I’m really enjoying it. Not much techno, not full of boring ambient stuff. Many tracks are musical and noisy at the same time, just as I like modular music :+1:

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Many thanks @joeSeggiola

After listening to many artists, it seems there are 2 major genres in modular, ambient and glitch, but at the same time a wide variations of genres.
I tend also to try to keep things a bit coherent in the style. I listen to several tracks per artists, try to find what I like and what is close to the rest.

Also, this playlist is on Apple Music too:

And the Spotify playlist passed 2,000 followers recently.

I actually came across this playlist while looking for some modular music to listen to at the beach the other weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great work, my friend!

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@asiegel126, many thanks, most appreciated