Modular synth and Persian, Armenian and Balkan instruments

Before the lockdown I had an absolutely joyful afternoon of improvisation with Mr Henk van Glabbeek (aka Madhav Mystic Music). He is a former Hindu monk and his passion for ethnic string and wind instruments is very inspiring. His openness and curiosity towards my instrument resulted in a very nice collaboration: May 25 we will release Dayā, an EP with music played on modular synthesizer and Persian, Armenian and Balkan instruments. All four tracks can be previewed here on BandCamp.

I am not much of a talker here on the forum. So I was hesitant to post this. Still feels a bit weird. But Mutable Instruments has such an important place in my life, that I decided to share this. For those into ambient and experimental oriental music.


Hey, glad you decided to post this, it is delightful! Funnily, I am in a similar spot: Deeply fascinated with folk instruments and madly in love with my mutable instruments collection.
I guess these rather raw sounding ancient musical tools and the resonators prominent in MIs lineup have a shared sound aesthetic. They sure do go well together as I hear in your EP!

Thank you for your kind words. Nice to hear you enjoy the creative process as much as I do. Deeply fascinating indeed.

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I also am glad you shared this music with us - thank you!

Thank you very much. That is so nice to hear.

Thanks to Emilie sending out the overviews of forum posts as this thread in particular caught my eye and then my ear. While I don’t understand why Bandcamp says it’s releasing May 25th and then I was able to buy and download it anyway is beyond me but I’m happy all the same that I was able to grab the EP already.

Thank you for your support. It being available before the release date might be due to me pressing the wrong buttons when uploading it to BandCamp. User error. The mother of all errors. :smiley: I left it this way. May 25th it will land on all streaming platforms. But nothing beats BandCamp and the community there. So thanks again!

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This is really good combo of artificial and natural sounds. Great work!

Thanks for your kind words. When jamming/composing these pieces we were both also struck by this. It just felt right from the start. We did not set out to ‘make a record’ that afternoon, just to see where a first spontaneous jam would bring us. I am very grateful Henk recorded all our stuff in Logic (which he always uses to add reverb and delay on his flute and string instruments). All my modular stuff went as a simple stereo out straight into Logic. Even after four years of using MI I am still in awe of the work of @pichenettes. :pray::pray: Because she provides the magic that enables that humble stereo signal to contain such a rich sound.

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Liked Samudra the most. Really liked how all the sounds in it were melting together. Beautiful…
Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you kindly. Very nice to hear you enjoy the fusion of sounds on Samudra. Samudra means ‘ocean’ in Sanskrit. Madhav’s duduk and ney on this track has a calming effect on me. Like watching waves on the seaside.

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Didn`t know the meaning. But it suits my natural habitat fine (living on a houseboat). Acoustic instruments can be a great companion to modular. I find the Ney a very mystical sounding instrument.

Will there be a sequel?

A sequel. Ah, what a great question. Since Madhav and me discovered we connect very well on both the artistic and the personal level, we might do another studio session. But what we are actually focussing on right now is setting up a release show for Dayā. The location will be a church build in the late 12th century with a great interior and acoustics. Both Madhav and me have view on this church from our attic studio’s. So that adds to the significance. As we (Netherlands) are still under a form of lockdown, the venue owners/keepers are very cautious with setting dates. We hope to be able to announce a date in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile we have time to prepare an hour’s worth of music in the vein of Dayā. Which in itself is an interesting and demanding project. Haha. :slight_smile:

Cool to hear you live on a houseboot. Lovely living indeed. :slight_smile: Do you use acoustic instruments with your modular?

Superlative! Although my work with Plaits has been purely western and polyphonic, I really enjoy the vast sound scapes I hear coming from artists using the these core products. Thank you!

OK. Won’t make any promises, but seems a good excuse to leave The Hague for a day :slight_smile:

I stopped making music for a couple of years. Few months ago I started again. At the moment I just enjoy patching and lots of the patches end in a sort of (melodic) electro/techno. More or less “Etudes”. If I start making songs again, for sure I will incorporate my clarinet in them (although I am not the best player).

:pray: Thank you. Hope you enjoy your patching as much as I do mine.

Nice to hear you’re getting back into the game. And a clarinet will sure give any electro/dancy patch a nice organic touch. Possibly a contact mic could open doors to experiment with audio processing there too. If that would suit you.

The release show will be in Deventer. We’re working hard to make it worth the effort. You are most welcome. :pray:

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The concert will take place September 26 at the Bergkerk in Deventer (NL). Info and tickets here:

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Great! Just bought two tickets. Something to look forward to.

Thanks! Awesome! :smiley::pray:

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